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Montreal Expo '67 > YouTube Video

British Pathé

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Considered widely to be the most successful World's Fair of the 20th century, 62 nations gathered to showcase their cultures, art, and scientific innovation during Canada's Centennial year.

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Documentary about the Expo 1967 in Montreal, Canada.

(FILM ID: 417.03)

Several shots show the city of Montreal; girls sit at a French cafe, a man buys a French newspaper; several shots of modern skyscrapers; a couple in a red sports car drive along the highway towards the Expo '67.

At Expo '67 we see numerous shots of the world fair, mostly from the monorail. Inside the British pavilion we see towering human figures, sculptures by Mario Armengol; visitors listen to a commentary on 'Britain's role in the modern world'. Another section shows a display depicting Carnaby Street. The Olympus jet engine, designed for Concord, is displayed. Huge books sit on a shelf; titles include 'The Spy Who Came In From The Cold', 'Goldfinger' and 'Love on the Dole'. Papier mache figures show the way of British life in 1967 (see CP 645 - PAPIER MACHE SCULPTURE for the making of these figures).

Other pavilions are seen; Canada has a giant inverted pyramid that people walk down into or travel down in lifts - brilliant! Pavilions for Ethiopia and Canadian pulp and paper are seen; people use a futuristic telephone box. Pavilions for Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Ceylon, Burma and Thailand. Two Thai girls walk beside an ornamental lake where a gondola boat sits. Several shots of a display/building called Habitat; it looks like futuristic a block of flats arranged higgledy-piggledy. Various shots from the monorail, passing the Russian and West German pavilions; the monorail train enters the huge dome of America. Views inside the dome shows a space capsule and several items of space machinery and people milling about.

Various shots of the rides at the Expo fairground; a locomotive ride, the log flume. Two lumberjacks climb rapidly to the top of logs. People are seen on a Swiss revolving viewing tower; aerial views of the site; several shots of a fairground ride (an 'umbrella-seat' roundabout).



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