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Art to Be Alive > SDG 3 Art Exhibit > United Nations Geneva Curated by Isabelle Wachsmuth (WHO)

June 14, 2022

The international exhibition "Art to be Alive" was a true success. Exhibited from 14 to 24 June in the Palais des Nations in Geneva, in the atrium in front of Room XX (The Human Rights Room), paintings and artworks from several countries across Europe and the Americas were admired by hundreds of delegates, visitors and UN staff members. Tomorrow is the last day. Don't miss it.

The exhibition, curated by Isabelle Wachsmuth of the World Health Organization, is beautiful and also thoughts provoking. Art to be Alive is about how art can contribute to better human health and well-being, especially in countries affected by violent conflicts. Thus, it is also a contribution to the UN SGDs.

Actually, this is the second phase of the exhibition. The first phase took place last month at the Geneva Health Forum, if you are interested please see my video tour in the following linkedin post:



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